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Acupuncture has been around for more than 8000 years.  This healing art has been passed down from generation to generation which creates many different styles which are used today.  We utilize this age old art to mobilize the bodies energy sometimes referred to as chi/qi and sluggish energy circuits to facilitate healing.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture moderates and balances the

energetic paths through the body.  You ca

consider this electrical, chemical, magnetic, or

mechanical energy that circulates through the

body in what is called a     meridian channel.

The energy currents centers in what is known as a vortices or chakras.  Good flowing energy moves smoothly and efficiently throughout your body.  A good balance is what is known as great health.

Stagnation (too little) or hyper movement (too much) creates problems which manifest themselves physically, mentally or biochemically.  This can create changes in normal body function and eventually lead to greater problems if not balanced swiftly.

Do You Use Needles?

Acupuncture is about where you stimulate, not how.  We tailor our acupuncture to your needs.


“The force within or energy”

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Stanford Reprint 1660


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