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Anti-Sabotage NEAT

Colorado Springs

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“The enemy of GREAT, is good.”

-Jim Collins

Our behavior and choices are what create our consequences.  Some consequences we like (pleasurable), and some we don’t (painful). No matter the choice good or bad, we sometimes have a tendency to sabotage our health, relationships such as friends or families, smarts and intellect, careers, wealth, and spiritual intuitions.

The Anti-Sabotage Process (NEAT)

Bypass the talk it out therapy and focus on results yielding behaviors and clear out the sabotaging imbalances.

Areas of focus

-Physical Health, pain, healing, road blocks of peak performance

-Mental Acuity, memory, emotional traumas, smarts

-Spiritual Awareness, signs, dreams

-Career and Leadership Skills and Strategies

-Relationships such as family dynamics and social affluence and challenges

-Wealth and Financial Mastery and congruence

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