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“The three great connectors are nerves, blood, and fascia.”

-T.  Myers

Muscles Move Bones

We know that muscles move bones, bones don’t move muscles.  The muscles are interconnected to other parts of the body and anchored down by the fascia.  There are many different techniques that can be used to treat and fix muscles and their attaching segments.

Keep in Mind:

-22 reasons why a muscle can be inhibited or expressed as weak

-17 reasons why a muscle can be spasmed or expressed as strong

There are so many reasons why there can be muscular imbalance.  A diagnostic approach finds and fixes the cause.

Even more importantly, muscles are referrals  or connectors to organs, glands, joints, and nerves, giving insight into our internal body.

Why is this important?

Your fascia is the largest storage of muscle memory.  This means that your chemical, emotional and physical body all use this network.  So, your internal physiology is expressing itself through that muscle-fascia interlink, giving a clear cut picture of your level of health. 

Another example of interlinking: a problem can present itself in one location but primarily be coming from somewhere else due to this interlinked body. We specialize in interpreting and correcting the primary problem.


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