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Nutritional Support


Nutritional Substances

  1. -Whole Food

        This is the real live food itself        

        with whole vitamins, minerals,

        and unknown stuff.

  1. -Botanical

        This is a part or the whole plant.

  1. -Animal Tissue Extracts/Concentrates

        Specific tissues dehydrated most


  1. -Whole Food Extract/Concentrates

      This is dehydrated whole food,

        over the counter is usually


  1. -Homeopathy

        This is a substance that has been

        diluted out of pure water so water

        holds the frequency of the    


“We only learned about vitamins and minerals because we tried to live without them.”

-Dr. R. Lee

The delusion of healthcare is that what is right for one person, is good for everybody.  There are so many fad diets, thousands of supplements, and controversial detox programs, what helps you becomes the million dollar question.

Do you take supplements and notice little to no change?  Do you eat all the right foods, exercise, rest and do all the right things and still struggle with minor or major health challenges?  Are you trying to get off prescriptions or find natural cures for everyday things?  Do you want to stay out of the doctors offices with maximum results?

Or do you just need simple strategies to start you on your journey to a vibrant life?

Sick or Symptom Free?

You have no time to waste in utilizing nutritional foods, supplements, de-toxants tailored to you.  Enhance your current programs and identify problem areas that may not be expressing physically yet, for real prevention and effective recovery.

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