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Nutritional Substances

  1. -Whole Food

        This is the real live food itself        

        with whole vitamins, minerals,

        and unknown stuff.

  1. -Botanical

        This is a part or the whole plant.

  1. -Animal Tissue Extracts/Concentrates

        Specific tissues dehydrated most


  1. -Whole Food Extract/Concentrates

      This is dehydrated whole food,

        over the counter is usually


  1. -Homeopathy

        This is a substance that has been

        diluted out of pure water so water

        holds the frequency of the    


“We only learned about vitamins and minerals because we tried to live without them.”

-Dr. R. Lee

The delusion of healthcare is that what is right for one person, is good for everybody.  Also if a little is good then more must be better.  There are so many fad diets, supplements, and detox programs, what helps you becomes very tricky.

The truth is nothing beats great food and nourishing our bodies.  Humans have been doing it for thousand of years with great results.  Over the last hundred years, we have replaced food with chemicals (synthetics).

The questions is what foods support what we are trying to support.  What foods heal our stomachs, sensitize insulin receptors, enhance our focus and memory, what foods heal our brain? 

When it comes to our health and desire to heal with food and nutrition, this is the question we have an answer to.

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