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Neuro-Emotional Technique

Emotions serve to physically, chemically or thoughtfully put us back on track.  Pains and pleasure/addictions create baggage and disease, which inhibit health and healing.

Muscle Memory & Emotions?

Emotions such as fear, anger, elation, and many others can affect us long after the event that caused them. When our body fails to “clear out” these emotions we find ourselves with unexplained aversions, self-sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, phobias and an un-inspired life.

While emotions are perfectly normal, they sometimes produce behaviors  and pain years later that are counterproductive to our health.

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How To Fix Stuck Emotions?

A simple clearing is the fastest way to update your brain file.  A simple brain and body adjustment extinct old files like pressing delete on your computer.   we facilitate and collapse the personas expressed effectively and efficiently.


“The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds.”

-Albert Schweitzer

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